Once your website is up and running it’s very important to ensure that all the software and content is kept up-to-date. Not only does fresh content keep you customers returning it also keeps search engines like Google and Bing and happy!

Search engines use what are called ‘spiders’ or ‘crawler bots’ to visit your website using the content they find to help the decide what ranking to give your website. The more you update your website both in terms of software and content the more often the bots will crawl your website, this ultimately results in a better search ranking! Each website has it’s very own scheduled crawl frequency and this is dependent on how often Google finds newly generated content on your website, this could be monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly.

As a business owner we understand that it’s vital your website is available to your customer at whatever time and on whatever device they choose. Fresh Press’ hosting and maintenance service gives you a guarantee that your website will have no less than a 99.9% up time and is hosted on secure UK based servers.

As well as a fantastic service, customer support is something we provide ourselves on and with a team of professionals based in Norwich you’ll get dedicated access to our online ticketing system, phone support and video tutorial section. We offer three different monthly packages which cater for businesses of all sizes, check out our packages and prices below!

Packages & Pricing



Website hosting

email hosting x 2

Online Support 

Priority Phone support 

monthly sofware update

Daily website backup

Website security service

Reputation monitoring 

Support tasks 

SSL Certificate

£25 + VAT

Monthly Plan

SME Package

our most popular package

website hosting

email hosting x 5

priority online support

priority phone support

Weekly software update

Daily website backup 

website security service

reputation monotoring

support tasks x 3

ssl certificate

£50 + VAT

Monthly Plan

PREMIUM package

Suitable for e-commerce

website hosting

email hosting x 10

priority online support

Priority phone support

daily software updates

Daily website backup

website security service

reputation monitoring

support tasks x 5

ssl certificate

£100 + VAT

Monthly Plan